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January 15

Новый весенний набор - 3 февраля (воскресенье) в 11.00.

Отзывы выпускников
I’d like to say some words about my staying here, about my new friends and our teacher Jane. My dear friends, thank so much for your kindness, for your understanding, for Ladies and gentlemen, your help and for your care. We are so different and, we were creating our own world. And now we are parting the best of friends. And I’ll never forget it! You know, it’s my second time here. And who could had believed, that I came here again. But I’m so happy, that Jane gave me such chance! Robert Burns wrote: “There is certainly some connection between love, music and poetry”. And I’d rather say, there is certainly some connection between love, music and speaking English. Dear Jane! You are one of the most sociable, understanding, careful, helpful, wise and charming person, I’ve ever known. I’m grateful to you for your teaching, and I’m grateful to you that you are so devoted to your work. I’m proud of our meeting, because you are a great person! And you are a born teacher! It’s not a compliment, I mean it!
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