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September 05

Новый набор - 23 сентября (воскресенье) в 11.00.

Отзывы выпускников
I also admire you Jane, as a born teacher and as a fantastic personality, and I’ve ever met. I appreciate every minute I was here, because each of them was useful, pleasant and unique, and thank you for it! Jane, you create this club and here we not only learnt grammar rules and many new English words, you opened to us all English World with poetry, songs, history, and I thank you for it. And you know, you’ve changed each of us, and, I think, everybody will agree with me and I exactly know how, cause I’m not a person I used to be, and I thank you for it. And last classes, you said: “out of sight, out of mind”. I don’t know about the mind, I hope, that English will stay there, but I can say about my heart. I know a little part of your heart will stay inside my heart and I thank you, Jane for your great Heart which you have been sharing with your students so much time!
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